Sasquatch, Viruses & Vaccines: None Have Been Proven By Science

Anyone arguing COVID-19 is wasting their time. It is an irrelevant topic.

Its irrelevance is due to the impossibility of being able to have a discussion of specifics around a topic that is theoretical in nature.

It is also a topic based on a theoretical argument that has been going on since at least the mid 1800’s.

This is nothing new.

But far too many individuals either have ridiculously short memories or have lost the ability to simply question the sacred corporate narratives.

In just the past 30 years, the same individual (Fauci) using the same “test” (PCR) that claims to detect a pathogenic virus (AIDS) only to find out later that the entire narrative was orchestrated by corporate government interests.

* For an exhaustively referenced and comprehensive expose on Fauci and his involvement with the AIDS narrative, please read Virus Mania by Torsten Engelbrecht (

Forget COVID-19.

Far too few realize that the “scientific” community can’t even agree on what a virus even is.

Or if they exist at all.

Talking specifics on viruses is no different than talking specifics on Sasquatches. Because in order to discuss specifics… one would first have to have been able to CATCH a Sasquatch or virus… contain it. Keep it alive. Study it. And publicly document those studies so that peers may review the work and validate the findings.

But that hasn’t happened.

For all the talk of pandemic “science” in the corporate government media… it’s interesting that actual SCIENCE has not even been allowed to participate in the mainstream social conversation. It’s only been bought-and-paid for CORPORATE SCIENCE that’s been cited, referenced and pimped out thru the corporate structure.

So rather than participate in the purposefully-distractive “mask/no mask” level of debate… let’s back up a bit and ask a few basic questions:

1. Has anyone or any organization actually seen, identified and documented what they claim to be a virus?

And if so, who are they and where is their publicly-documented research available?

2. Has anyone or any organization documented what they claim to be a virus behaving pathogenically in the natural setting of a human body?

And if so, who are they and where is their publicly-documented research available?

3. Has anyone or any organization documented what they claim to be a pathogenic virus traveling from one human body to another and continuing to behave pathogenically inside the new human body?

If the answer to any of these 3 questions was YES… then it should be fairly easy to be directed to that individual or organizations publicly documented research. But alas, as is usually the case with corporate narratives… locating the actual research to back up the claims can prove to be a frustrating endeavor.

Where things will get interesting is years from now, when some of this plays out in the courts. It’s one thing to broadcast fictitious programming on networks that you own and have an audience believe it.

It’s another thing to be able to back up those fictitious claims in court, when the fictitious claims cause provable financial (lockdowns) and physical harm (toxic reaction to injections) to others.

Please enjoy this discussion with Jeremy Ayres: Doctor of Osteopathy UK, Naturopractic Consultant & Senior Practitioner of Physical Medicine UK

*Sasquatch painting by Claudio Bergamin: