Rancid/Pennywise/Suicidal: The Crew “One Voice”

One of the great casualties of the 2020 corporate psyop was the absolute surrender and death of classic counter-culture. Specifically the punk rock and hippie movements.

The cultural figureheads and leaders in both camps have, for the most part, literally BECOME the corporate sheeple that they used to rally against.

*Note: See Jello Biafra for a perfect example of someone who obviously did not ultimately and authentically believe the words and lyrics that once poured from his pie hole.


Fortunately, the classic punk rock spirit and attitude remains alive and well in the hands of California punk rock elders Tim Armstrong (Rancid), Matt Freeman (Rancid), Fletcher Dragge (Pennywise), Byron McMackin (Pennywise) and Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies).

The five come together as The Crew.

Their first musical offering is the blunt-and-to-the-point “One Voice.”

Classic power punk. Lots of Pennywise vibe (Fletcher wrote the song) with the familiar punch-in-the-face/power chorus Tim Armstrong production.

Kudus to the lyric:

And when the powers that be mute our choice
We’re gonna scream louder cuz we have a voice
So fuck them and all they say
They can shut their fuckin’ mouths and get out of our way.

One can only hope those lyrics were aimed at the corporate/government structure, whose religion and its believers are a direct enemy to individuality, creativity and sovereignty.